As I grew in my business and in life, I began to think more about the long-term, broader impacts of jewellery production. Personally I was seeking to live more holistically, thinking about the inter-connectness of the world, and evaluating the impact that my individual actions had on this greater community. I recognized that the jewellery industry had long been plagued with significant issues regarding the environmental and social impacts of sourcing metal and gemstones, and began to seek out alternatives. This was the birth of Mindful Luxe.


Mindful Luxe forms the ethical basis for the production of Fluid Jewellery. I seek out likeminded organizations and individuals who can facilitate ethical and sustainable sourcing of raw materials, and help me to ensure that each piece I produce contributes to supporting and empowering communities, rather than leaving a trail of environmental and social damage. Fluid Jewellery is produced using Fairmined gold and silver, recycled metals, Canadian and international conflict-free diamonds, recycled diamonds, synthetic diamonds, as well as ethically sourced and fairtrade gemstones.

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